Managing configuration with GitOps

Lets look at how configuration is managed following GitOps by modifying declarations in the repository created by Flux v2.

To demonstrate this, you will change the default polling interval configured by Flux in the Kustomization that pulls changes from the ./clusters/aws-workshop path in the repository. This change will also help accelerate changes being applied to the cluster, which will make the demo go smoother.

First, check the current configuration as applied to the cluster, by running the following command:

kubectl get kustomization flux-system -n flux-system  -o yaml

You should see output similar to the one shown below, pay close attention to spec.interval (the current value will be 10m0s):

kind: Kustomization
  name: flux-system
  namespace: flux-system
  force: false
  interval: 10m0s
  path: ./clusters/aws-workshop
  prune: true
    kind: GitRepository
    name: flux-system
  validation: client

Now, open up the file ./clusters/aws-workshop/flux-system/gotk-sync.yaml. You will find two objects declared in this file, a GitRepositoryand a Kustomization, you will notice how the contents of the Kustomization match the configuration shown in the output of the previous command.

Edit the file using your favorite editor, and set spec.interval in the Kustomization to 1m0s, this will reduce the polling frequency to one minute:

 20 spec:
 21   interval: 1m0s
 22   path: ./clusters/aws-workshop

Now commit and push this change to the repo using the following command:

git commit -am "Changing frequency of polling"
git push

If you wait a few seconds, and run the following command again, you will see the change applied to the object’s configuration automatically.

kubectl get kustomization flux-system -n flux-system  -o yaml