Install App Mesh

In this section we will be deploying components to our EKS cluster that will enable integration with AWS App Mesh.

AWS App Mesh is a service mesh that provides application-level networking. It allows services to communicate across different types of compute infrastructure (e.g. EKS, EC2). It also provides end-to-end visibility of how your services communicate with each other.

App Mesh is made up of quite a few components including:

  • Service mesh – A service mesh is a logical boundary for network traffic between the services that reside within it
  • Virtual services – A virtual service is an abstraction of an actual service that is provided by a virtual node, directly or indirectly, by means of a virtual router.
  • Virtual nodes – A virtual node acts as a logical pointer to a discoverable service, such as an Amazon ECS or Kubernetes service. For each virtual service, you will have at least one virtual node.
  • Virtual routers and routes – Virtual routers handle traffic for one or more virtual services within your mesh. A route is associated to a virtual router. The route is used to match requests for the virtual router and to distribute traffic to its associated virtual nodes

For more information see the AWS App Mesh Docs.