Create the namespace

Create a file within the namespaces that folder called amazon-cloudwatch.yaml.

Paste the contents of the following into the new file:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Namespace
    name: amazon-cloudwatch
  name: amazon-cloudwatch

Your repository structure should be:

├── appmesh-system
│   ├── appmesh-controller.yaml
│   ├── appmesh-inject.yaml
│   ├── appmesh-prometheus.yaml
│   └── crds.yaml
├── namespaces
│   ├── amazon-cloudwatch.yaml
│   └── appmesh-system.yaml

Add and then commit the amazon-cloudwatch.yaml file and push the the changes to your GitHub repo.

Flux will now see that the desired state has changed in Git and will apply the namespace to our cluster. This will take up to 1 minute to apply.

Check that that the namespace has been created by running the following command:

kubectl get ns

You should see the amazon-cloudwatch namespace listed. For example:

NAME              STATUS   AGE
amazon-cloudwatch   Active   5s
appmesh-system      Active   3h2m
default             Active   4h18m
flux                Active   3h4m
kube-node-lease     Active   4h18m
kube-public         Active   4h18m
kube-system         Active   4h18m

If you don’t see it listed, give it a few minutes longer and try again.