Install Prometheus for App Mesh

We also want to collect the metrics that App Mesh publishes and so we will also deploy Prometheus. We can use the metrics to create alerts or to help enable progressive delivery (covered in a later workshop).

Prometheus for App Mesh is also available as a Helm package from the EKS Chart Repository. We will use the Helm Operator along with this chart to install the injector.

Create a new file called appmesh-prometheus.yaml in the appmesh-system folder. Add the following as contents to the file:

kind: HelmRelease
  name: appmesh-prometheus
  namespace: appmesh-system
  releaseName: appmesh-prometheus
    name: appmesh-prometheus
    version: 0.3.0

Your folder structure should look like this now:

├── appmesh-system
│   ├── appmesh-controller.yaml
│   ├── appmesh-inject.yaml
│   ├── appmesh-prometheus.yaml
│   └── crds.yaml
├── namespaces
│   └── appmesh-system.yaml

Add and then commit the appmesh-prometheus.yaml file and push the the changes to your GitHub repo.

Flux will now see that the desired state of the appmesh-system namespace has changed in Git and will apply the CRDs to our cluster. This will take up to 1 minute to apply.

Check that Prometheus is up & running by running the following command:

kubectl get pods -n appmesh-system

You should see the prometheus pod in a Running state:

appmesh-controller-54dd6bdfd8-n8zlq   1/1     Running   0          45m
appmesh-inject-55cdc99595-qm8pt       1/1     Running   0          15m
appmesh-prometheus-5cb5d88d6-pbg6w    1/1     Running   0          64s