Create a Cluster with eksctl

eksctl makes it simple to provision Kubernetes clusters in EKS. For this workshop, we will create a defauklt three node EKS cluster. With eksctl, this is a single command line:

eksctl create cluster --name eksworkshop

You will see a number of messages scroll, ending with the kubeconfig message

[ℹ]  eksctl version 0.18.0
[ℹ]  using region us-west-2
[ℹ]  deploying stack "eksctl-unique-unicorn-1588181335-nodegroup-ng-d61e2b06"
[✔]  all EKS cluster resources for "unique-unicorn-1588181335" have been created
[✔]  saved kubeconfig as "/home/ec2-user/.kube/config"

You should now be able to view your cluster with kubectl

kubectl get nodes