Connect the Podinfo Service to the Ingress Controller

The final step is to inform the ALB Ingress Controller that a service needs to be exposed externally from the cluster. The ingress controller watches for the creation of Ingress objects, and then creates the routing required to reach the object externally.

In the Ingress object definition, ther eare annotations to indicate how the Ingress Controller should handle this service, as well as which controller to utilize. As there may be several different ingress controllers in a single Kubernetes cluster, this ability is key to managing access to multiple applications and microservices.

Ther is also a path parameter in this definition. The path parameter designates the external URL (URI) that would be required to reach this service. Each path for each specific ingress controller must be unique. For simplicity, we have mapped the root URI (“/”) to the service directly.

Create a file called podinfo-ingress.yaml in your git repository containing:

kind: Ingress
  name: podinfo-ingress
  namespace: podinfo
  annotations: alb internet-facing

  - http:
      - path: /*
          serviceName: podinfo
          servicePort: 9898